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CHANA Engine

Chana Complete engine

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CHANA Engine

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Vehicle engine is a gasoline-fueled engine. Due to the small viscosity of gasoline and its fast evaporation, the gasoline is injected ionto the cylinder head via fuel injection systems, after compression, it reaches a certain temerperature and pressure, the spark plug ignite it to make the gas transfer into power.

The petrol engine with its characters such as high speed, simple structure, light weight, low cost and stable work operation, is quite popular nowadays in vehicle industries.

1. Origin: China

2.    Delivery: 5-10 working days

3.    Capability: 3000 units per month

4.    Port: Ningbo or Qingdao

5.    Payment term: FOB

6.    MOQ: 10 units ( normal paper boxes)

7.    Customization package MOQ: 30 units

8.    Package: Wooden boxes as requested or paper boxes

9.    Characters

l  Good Quality

l  Genuine Parts supplier

l  One-year Guarantee

10. Material: Iron and Aluminum

11. Notes:

l  Timing Ignition and valve lash is adjusted before exfactory

l  Before releasing orders, please make sure the model, the displacement or the power value are all correct.

l  Images of the requested parts will be top preferred.

12. Description

China mini van petrol engine is a part with cylinder head assembly and cylinder block assembly.

It includes below:

l  Cylinder Head Assembly: 

Cylinder Head


Valves Locker

Oil Seals

Rocker Shaft


Valve Spring

Rocker Arm


Camshaft Thrust

Engine Valve   Seat

Engine Valve   Cotter

Engine Valve   Cover

Other Parts


l  Cylinder Block Assembly: 

Cylinder Block



Piston rings

Oil Pump

Oil Pan

Connecting Rod


Crankshaft   Bearing and Connecting Rod Bearing

Other Parts

Product   Information

Item:Chana Complete engine


Gray cast iron or alloy cast iron 


50 pcs


Chana 465 Complete engine

Chana 462 Complete engine

Chana 474 Complete engine

Chana CB10 Complete engine

Product   Information

474 Full Engine

Apply for : 

Star of China Changan, Wuling Sunshine,Chang'an Compact Mongolia,

Wuling Daihatsu,Antelope and Changan CM8.

We accept customized packing based on meeting our MOQ requirements.

Package dimension:

Wooden boxes Measure: 60cm*48cm*34cm

Paper Boxes Measure: 61cm*48cm*32.5cm

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