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CHANA 462QE-1003010D 465QE cylinder head

CHANA 462QE-1003010D 465QE cylinder head

Chana Cylinder Head for 474 Engine 462QE

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CHANA 462QE-1003010D 465QE cylinder head

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Item:Cylinder Head
Engine type:Chana 474Q




50 pcs


Neutral packing or Customer’s brand


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Chana Cylinder Head

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Cylinder Head

Cylinder head intalled above the cylinder block then covered by timing cover to be a combustion chamer.

It is ofter in contact with hot and high pressure gas therefore it balances a lot of heat and mechanical loads.

The cylinder head is also equipped with intake and exhaust valve seats, valve guides holes for mounting the intake and exhaust valves, and intake passage and the exhaust passage. Gasoline engine cylinder head is formed with a spark plug mounting hole, and is formed with a cylinder head of the diesel engine injector mounting hole. 

Cylinder head generally use gray cast iron or alloy cast iron, aluminum thermal conductivity, and help to improve the compression ratio, so in recent years, aluminum cylinder head is employed more and more.

The cylinder head is an integral part of the combustion chamber, a large work affect the shape of the combustion chamber of the engine, due to the different gasoline and diesel engine combustion, which cover a large part of the difference in the composition of the cylinder combustion chamber. 

474 Cylinder Head462QE-1003010D cylinder head

LJ465Q-2AE6-1003010M Cylinder Head

Applying for Wuling Liuji 1.0

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