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Alto Crankshaft

Alto Crankshaft

Suzuki Alto 368 Crankshaft

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Alto Crankshaft

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Alto 368 Crankshaft

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Crankshaft is a part of car engine parts.Cranshaft bear the force from the connecting

rod,due to this, it requires a great tensile strength. 

The crankshaft should be heat treated, surface peening and Iron Plasma nitrding, gas nitriding and so on.

The materials includes 45,50Mn,40Cr, 35CrMo, 42CMo, 4340 and so on.

How to keep the crankshaft work well?

Some crankshaft surface and the big end of the connecting rod  will deteriorated if the oil is not clean enough and the non-uniform force of the crankshaft journal.The bad deterioration will negative effected the piston stroke,reduce the combustion efficiency and smaller power output.Addtionally, insufficient oil lubrication or if oil is too thin, will cause the burning of the crankshaft journal then effect the reciprocating of pistons. Therefore,use the appropriate viscosity of the lubricating oil and ensure its clean will promise the crankshaft work well.


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Billet Steel

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