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DFSK K07/C37/K17/v27/V21 Camshaft | DFSK 1.1L/1.3L Camshaft

DFSK K07/C37/K17/v27/V21 Camshaft.
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DFSK K07/C37/K17/v27/V21 Camshaft | DFSK 1.1L/1.3L Camshaft

Product   Information




50 pcs


Neutral packing or Customer’s brand


In stock, 3-5 days;   Out of stock,10-20days


Alloy Chilled cast iron


CB10 Camshaft465QEA Camshaft
Apply for:DFM Mini cars or DFSK Mini truck

Where is the camshaft in the auto vehicle's engine?

camshaft installing.jpg

Camshaft is an  important part of the auto engine. It is also can be named engine camshaft.

The camshaft are all OE-Quality and they are all processed through CNC machine. Also they are strictly

inspected with the machines such as " Magnaflux", "Rockwell Hardness Apparatus" and " life detection".

What is a camshaft? Camshaft plays an important role in engine performance at different speeds. It includes two kinds of camshaft: One is single overhead camshaft and the other is double overhead camshaft. It rotates as a cylindrical shaft, take a function of regulating the injection of vaporized fuel in an internal combustion engine.

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CB10 Camshaft

465QEA Camshaft

CB10 Camshaft465QEA Camshaft


Product Name



Forged   Steel, Nodular Cast Alloy Iron, Chilled cast iron




Neutral   packing or OEM customized packing based on minimum quantity

Delivery time

3-5   working days


Available,   need to be paid, shipped within 1-3 working days for stock ones;

Ones   without stock will take more days to have the samples.

Bulk production leading time

20-40days   after approving the samples and receiving the deposit;

Payment term

30%   before bulk production and balanced before shipment;


Ningbo   Zhejiang;                    

Guangzhou   Guangdong;


1.       Approved   ultrasonic testing, mechanical property testing and crack testing;

2.       Follow   SPC data strictly in the manufacturing process

3.       Meet   Strength requirement: High Torsion Strength and fatigue strength;

4.       Approved   metallurgy testing in both process of finish grinding and induction hardening;

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Pioneer Automotive now brings you hot sale, and quality guaranteed bulk buying dfm 465/474/cb10 camshaft with competitive price and fast delivery. With many products in stock, you can rest assured to wholesale our qualified and certificated dfm 465/474/cb10 camshaft which is of good performance and high precision.