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CHANA 10513 Camshaft position sensor

CHANA 10513 Camshaft position sensor

Chana Camshaft position sensor

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CHANA 10513 Camshaft position sensor

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ItemChana Camshaft Position Sensor
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Camshaft Position sensor can be short as CPS, its another name is Cylinder Identification sensor.

To distinguish the crankshaft Position sensor(CPS), camshaft position sensor is short as CIS.

It uses as a signal acqusition and sequentance to the fuel injection starting, ignition timing and knock

Additionally, CIS is also applying to identify the time that engine first starting the ignition, as CIS have ability to 

identify which cylinder postion reached TDC.

CB10 Camshaft Position Sensor10513 Camshaft Position Sensor


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